18 November 2013

a little week off running for surfing.

today was my first run back after taking a week off.

take a week off for what you may ask? well i will tell you. i was in nicaragua surfing.

and honestly wish i was still in nicaragua surfing.

but sometimes i have to be an adult that has a job and responsibilities. much to my chagrin.

i know i have said this before but traveling is honestly one of the greatest things in the world to me. i absolutely love it. and i always get a little sad when i have to leave. new found instant friends are one of life's most amazing experiences.

so the fuzz and i woke up and went for a run. in the 60 degree weather that is happening right now. almost 4 miles later we were home and hot. really hot.

not as hot as nicaragua, but hot.

i made the mistake of wearing a long sleeve shirt on my run. woof.

already scheming my next surf trip. weee.

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