08 August 2013


since atlanta has forgotten that seattle is actually in washington and not in georgia by raining almost every single day, workouts sometimes have to get a little creative.

normally waking up in the morning the rain hasn't come yet and you can still get a sold run in. some mornings, as well all know, i tend to look more like this:

instead of this:

shocking. i know.

who am i kidding, i never look like that.

anyhowsies. it's been raining a crapton in atlanta. and as previously stated, i like my sleep. it's few and far between when i actually sleep, but that's neither here nor there.

today it's been threatening to monsoon outside. and it is a little more threatening than the images on shark week. which is terrifyingly fascinating. CAN'T. STOP. WATCHING.


so i did what any good little runner would do (who skipped her run yesterday, and was at the shop this morning) and i ran stairs. now let me tell you stairs suck. BUT they are easy, quick, and nearest i can determine good for you. aside from that whole feeling incredibly out of shape.

one of my friends is out of town, and i went to his house to list things on ze ole craig's list for him. and whadaya know. he lives in a townhouse that has a majillion stairs. and by that i mean 54 from top to bottom.

blare some blurred lines and get your tail moving. 5 times up 54 stairs, 5 squats at the top, 5 times down 54 stairs. lay down die. repeat. change it up to spice girls (naturally). do 5 more. chug a glass of water, change up the jams, and get ready for you last set.

that's a crap ton of steps. it's kind of fun to see if you can get all the sets done before a song is over. but unless american pie is playing, odds are good to excellent me and my slow butt aren't going to make it. my best was 3.5.

so no excuses. get moving. besides it's shark week. and i can't be bothered to miss any of that. (please don't terrify me too much for nicaragua shark week. please).