27 August 2013

headphones vs. no headphones

personally i am a no headphones girl.

here are my super scientific reasons as to why i don't run with music/headphones.

1. this morning i went to get the monster and take her on my run with me. we were coming to a stop light where another runner was standing idly taking up the ENTIRE corner. she was wearing headphones, there was traffic so having her actually hear me wasn't going to happen. i tried to get in her line of vision before i passed her so that i didn't scare the bejeesus out of her. #fail

i ran right next to her and scared the bejeesus out of her. as in she screamed. i apologized, but i mean i could hear her music....

when i run with the monster you can hear her collar jingle. so it's not exactly like we are sneaking up on you. it's basically like having a backup beeper attached to you. hard to miss us.

2. i have seen numerous people wearing headphones who almost get hit by a car. i know, i know that technically the runner has the right of way, but sometimes (in atlanta it's more likely than not) the driver isn't paying attention to you, they are paying attention to traffic. still there fault, but really who loses if you get hit by a car? not the car...

people who run in headphones seem to completely disregard the need to at least check the crosswalk before they go barreling through it. not saying i don't do it too, but i can at least hear a car coming to hit me.

3. i am a morning runner. which translates into i run before my person is fully awake. as in roll out of bed, brush teeth, tame mop (hahahahaha that never happens), lace shoes, and go. i'm sleepy enough as it is, i don't need anymore distractions.

i also am not a nervous runner, but morning running can be a bit scary. i like to have all my senses about me. or at least as many as i can muster in the early morning...breathing is difficult people. seesh.

4. the headphones hurt my ears. plain and simple. i've tried about a million kinds and without fail, about 30 minutes in (if that) i want to rip them out of my ears because they start to bug me.

5. i really like having that one song on continuous loop that i only know about 4 complete words too. okay, that's a lie...

so that's my story and i am sticking to it.

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