04 August 2013

oh. hey there.

sometimes i blog, and sometimes i think i am too cool to actually blog (because clearly i am) but mostly it's because i am forgetful. read: lazy.

no relevance, but i totally concur

 but if we are being honest it's because i haven't really felt inspired to write blog posts or to run for that matter. my days are spent trying to figure out how i can travel the globe and surf. yes surf. ever since i came back from costa rica, i've had a tough time trying to get back into the running zone.

not that there is anything that is keeping me from running.

my boss goes to the gym at 830. so work isn't until like 10. hello morning run opportunity. also hello hug my bed for a little longer opportunities.

i got into the nike women's marathon in san francisco. it's the 10th anniversary. but it's in sanfran. and i don't know if any of you know this but flights over to the other side of the country are bloody expensive. that one is on the back burner at the moment.  the way back burner.  mainly because for the cost of a flight there i am going to nicaragua for 6 days...yea no brainer on that one...

summer morning runs are my favorite. summer morning runs are ya know in the morning.

all of these are lame reasons. and i know this. sooooooooo i surprised myself and have been running. and not like 2 days a week and i now believe i am an olympian running.

like actually running. using a gps watch and hauling my ass out of bed in the morning (and sometimes afternooons) and i lace up my sneaks (nerd alert) and i go run.
this happened today. nbd

today i actually went and met a bunch of girls i don't know, aside from one, and we are going to do a ragnar relay race. AND I AM SILLY EXCITED.

this is the first time in a long time i have been really excited about a race. weeeeeee

maybe, just maybe i think i might be back into the whole blogging game. fingers crossed. or not. do whatever you want. i'm not your mom.

also, the monster and i have been running in the mornings. it works out well. except that i kid you not when i say that every. single. damn. time. she stops 200ft in and shits. EVERY.TIME. so that's always fun.
walking it out