06 August 2013

laundry day.

you know how i know today was the day that i needed to do laundry?

well i will tell you it was actually one of two ways to be exact. i had precisely 3 sports bras left, and absolutely zero doorknobs left to hang sweaty running clothes to dry.

now i realize that the second one is easily fixable, because running clothes dry rather quickly, but i am however am too lazy to move them into the laundry bin. and by running out of doorknobs i, in actuality, am saying that i may have worn the same pair of shorts three days in a row. judge away. judge away.

oiselle shorts for.the.win.

when it's early in the morning, i'm not out to make social calls. i am out to run. and if i am running in an all gray ensemble well then so be it. and while we are on that topic, i wear the monotone gray look a lot because again, whatever. it's early. and as i did laundry today i realized that i own a lot of heathered gray (grey, i still don't know and i've typed it 3 times) clothing.

and the heathering does not stop at gray. if it's heathered, odds are good to excellent i am going to like it. blue, pink, black, greay (see what i did there) i want it. it's becoming a bit of a problem.

i think i had a point to this post but odds are good to excellent i don't.  i blame the fact that i've eaten yogurt for the majority of my meals the past couple of days. it.is.just.so.good.

oh and i got my passport back in the mail yesterday. can't wait until november. come on nicaragua!