04 February 2014


tapering is a necessity before races.

you get to be a lazy bum for a little while and get fully rested before race day.

especially when you see this:

11. ELEVEN. one-one.

normally i wouldn't really start tapering until next week, but my run saturday left my right achilles feeling like a spring that had been loaded and was waiting to explode.

i've been pitifully limping around my house, learning that driving in boots with a bum ankle is difficult, and tackling the stairs with less grace than a rhino in a tutu.

that one has considerably more grace than i do.

with an 8 mile run scheduled for this upcoming saturday, i've decided that maybe i should just start my taper early and perhaps learn from my past mistakes. shocking. i know.

race day should be interesting,  but i did find this. and I LIKE IT.


net downhill for nearly the entire race.

and this...the weather average is 74 for the high and 40 for the low. i'll take it.

the key to the taper is to not go stir crazy. it's tempting to get out there and just go run for days, because who doesn't like that, but don't do it.

if you must go run, keep it easy and light. also wear all the compression. it does wonders.

carbo load (or don't, i'm not sure what the authorities ruling is on this today), don't eat anything crazy, stay away from high fiber foods, drink some beer (i throw that into the carbo loading rule), and most importantly trust your training.

well maybe more importantly, decide what you are going to wear. since i am traveling for this marathon, i have to be sure and pack a couple of options, because, well i am a girl and we change our minds about ever 12 seconds.

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