13 February 2014

how to taper for two weeks...


 after an eventful frantic rescheduling of flights, i made it to arizona late tuesday night. my original flight was scheduled to leave out of atlanta wednesday morning. monday night i get a call from delta that my flight had been cancelled and rescheduled to thursday.

son of a bitch.

i dropped darwin off at the airport tuesday morning and raced home to figure out if i could leave tuesday instead of thursday when the ice was supposed to be the worst.

luckily, i found a flight that left tuesday and 10 hours of travel later i was in arizona. and exhausted.

but now that race day is 2.5 days away, and i have taken a two week sabbatical from running to see if could keep my ankle attached to the rest of my leg, i am going to let you in on a little secret:

tapering is boring.....

in light of that breaking news, here is what i have been doing to keep entertained.

i took some online quizzes. those entertained me for about 20 minutes.

i think i have found quite possible every single split end in my hair. tried this hair repair serum:

i like it. i don't know if it is actually doing anything, but for $6 it's hard to pass up. and it doesn't leave your hair greasy which is nice. because ain't nobody got time for greasy hair.
 we had the snowjam in atlanta. so there were two days that i didn't move from my bed, take off my leggings, or eat anything besides pizza and drink beer. those were nice.

i watched the superbowl on my ipad, because cable is for losers. or because i am poor. and because i was at the shop and we don't have cable.

 watched a sunset at the JFK airport while drinking beer and eating pizza.
that beer cost  more than my pizza
saw so many service dogs. and sat by this little creature.

 read a lot of books. A LOT. and found a lot of typos.
 finally made it to arizona and was reunited with my loves.  mainly this one.

oh hi...

 took the monster on a walkaroo.

hello 75 and sunshine. every.single.day. i could seriously get used to this. it's amazing.

and then today i broke the taper. i couldn't handle it anymore. my butt agreed. it was time to get out there and run some easy miles. 5 miles with fuzzyfatass. glorious! please ignore the leftover mascara look. i am really trying to make it a trend. #noshame #blondehairdontcare

 that is how you spend two weeks tapering. until you fail at tapering.

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